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Revive Your Laptop Screen to Its Former Glory with Our Delamination Removal Paste

Red Wolf Technology and The Art of Repair collaborated to create a new product that transforms damaged glass laptop coatings into crystal-clear displays using a revolutionary delamination removal paste. Say goodbye to ugly aged coatings damage in minutes!


Remove Ugly Delamination from Your Laptop Screen with Our Special Solution - The Safest and Most Effective Method on the Market

Our revolutionary delamination removal paste is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to restore their damaged laptop screen to its former glory. With our special solution, you can easily remove any unsightly delamination or coatings that have accumulated on your screen, leaving it looking crystal-clear and brand new. Unlike other methods on the market, such as acetone, iso, mouthwash, or industrial cleaners, our product is safe to use and provides unparalleled results. By following our easy-to-use instructions, you can achieve a perfect finish without damaging your screen. And once your screen is clean and free of delamination, you can apply your preferred coatings to provide even further protection. Say goodbye to scratches, smudges, and imperfections and hello to a flawless laptop screen with our delamination removal paste!



This special solution will remove ugly delamination from glass displays as well as other thin coatings better than any other method on the market such as acetone, iso, mouth wash or industrial cleaner.

WARNING Only apply gentle pressure, do not press into target surface with too much force, as it could break the display under it!

Step 1

Pour solution and gently spread it around the affected glass area. Leave about 1in/2.5cm of room from the edges of the panel so it doesn't pour over.


Step 3

Once you have finished, use any glass cleaner to remove, removing large portions of solution with paper towels and then you can polish with standard glass cleaner to preferred finish.


Step 2

Using the included melamine pad or your own, gently scrub the solution in 2in/5cm circles in a methodical pattern around the display for an even scrub, don't forget the border areas we left clean in step one. 


Step 4

Apply your preferred coatings to finish.



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