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Apple’s Self Service Repair: What it means for you

Apple is launching its first ever self service repair option to its consumers. But what does it mean for you and to your authorized repair shops?

Apple’s Self Service Repair is set to launch in early 2022. This service will be available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, but soon, Mac computers with M1 chips. This program will provide service modules for individuals to be able to repair their iPhone display, battery, and camera.

This paves way for the consumers to have more access to repairs, but does this program provide an efficient and cost saving repairs than going to an authorized repair shop?

This program will put Apple as the central resource for consumers to access genuine parts and manuals; more than 200 individual parts and tools will be available to the public. But for an average consumer who wishes to repair an iPhone, it can lead to a more expensive alternative if Apple requires specific materials to be used which can only be bought through the Apple Self Service Repair Online Store.

Last July 2021, the Federal Trade Commission agreed to a new set of rules that limits an individual from repairing their own products. This posed a problem to the smartphone manufacturers which can lead to the usage of substandard parts and repairs. The “right to repair” movement has pushed the FTC to adopt policies that aim to allow small businesses and consumers to repair their own products. Apple, on the other had launched the Self Service Repair program as a step to any future actions FTC will take.

This is a very important topic in the ‘right to repair’ and mobile phone repair industry. We plan to follow this closely and report regularly as the situation develops.

Red Wolf Technology, the creator of the world’s first smart desktop scratch removal system, is a key player in this industry offering consumers a new alternative to screen replacement as our Primo Polishing System (™) allows repair shops and consumers the ability to restore scratched glass, when previously the only option was a total replacement of screen glass.

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