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שאלות נפוצות

  • Will the polishing process damage my screen?
    No. We have carefully engineered the process to control heat, glass removal and planarization to ensure it doesn't do any damage.
  • Does this make my screen weaker?
    No. In fact, this may even make your screen stronger! The minor pits, nicks and imperfections in your glass are weak points for cracks and breakage to start. We smooth them out leaving you with fewer places for cracks to begin.
  • I've never seen this before, does anyone else polish glass?"
    Generally speaking, glass polishing has been going on for hundreds of years. Long ago it was kind of secret art, handed down among artisans and craftsmen to make telescopes, microscopes and all kinds of precision equipment. Today, phone polishing happens a lot as well, however it is usually done with very large, very loud, very messy and sometimes... dangerous equipment. We're the first to bring this process to the masses in a compact, lightweight and digital platform: the Primo Polishing System™.
  • How many times can I polish my device?
    As many times as you need. In our lab we've polished many devices hundreds of times. Since we are only interacting with the glass on an atomic level we don't remove any great amount of material.
  • What is the dimensions and weight of the Primo Polish Machine?
    Our machine will take up no more space than a printer in your business. The Primo Polish Machine is 17" wide x 15" deep x 12" tall (43.18cm x 38.1cm x 30.48cm). With a total weight of 21lbs (9.5kg). To learn more machine facts and to see it in your space click HERE.

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