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Primo Polish Machine

The Primo Polishing Machine is a stand-alone device that can polish phones. Perfect for any repair shops looking to add this service to their repair business. 

View the Machine in Your Business

See a live 3D version our the Primo Polish Machine in your retail shop or business. Scan or Click the QR code.

DSC00551-Edit copy.jpg


Dimentions & Weight

Our machine will take up no more space than a printer in your business. The Primo Polish Machine is 17" wide x 15" deep x 12" tall (43.18cm x 38.1cm x 30.48cm). With a total weight of 21 lbs (9.5kg).



Download the Primo Polishing App for both Android and IOS. Connect via Bluetooth or USB-C adapter.

DSC00621-Edit copy.jpg


Polish Length

Polish length depends on a few factors. What device you are polishing, and the polish head size. On average Apple Watches take about 2 minutes to polish and phones take 5 - 15 minutes.

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