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Delamination/Coating Repair

This special solution will remove ugly delamination from glass displays as well as other thin coatings better than any other method on the market such as acetone, iso, mouth wash, toothpaste or industrial cleaner.

Only apply gentle pressure, do not press into target surface with too much force, as it could break the display under it!

Step 1 : Pour solution and gently spread it around the affected glass area. Leave about 1in/2.5cm of room from the edges of the panel so it doesn't pour over.

Step 2 : Using the included melamine pad or your own, gently scrub the solution in 2in/5cm circles in a methodical pattern around the display for an even scrub, don't forget the border areas we left clean in step one. 

Step 3 : Once you have finished, use any glass cleaner to remove, removing large portions of solution with paper towels and then you can polish with standard glass cleaner to preferred finish.

Step 4 : Apply your own preferred coatings to finish.

Coating Application : Once surface is perfectly clean, spray included coating from about 6 inches away to evenly coat glass, let dry, best if left for about 30 minutes to bond.

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