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The Future of Device Repair

Empowering Repair Shops

Red Wolf Technology and Motorola Mobility enable repair shops to 3D print genuine OEM Motorola tools. Using the Primo Print3D platform, shops get the tools they need for efficient, high-quality repairs.


Innovative Technology

For the first time, repair shops can 3D print genuine OEM Motorola parts using Red Wolf’s Primo Print3D system. This innovative technology allows precise, high-quality production of essential repair tools, providing same-day availability and significantly reducing repair times.

Promoting Sustainability

This collaboration enhances repair efficiency and supports sustainability by restoring old phones to like-new condition, reducing electronic waste, and promoting the reuse of devices, keeping them out of landfills.

Revolutionizing Phone Repair with 3D Printing

Red Wolf Technology® announces a collaboration with Motorola Mobility, enabling repair shops to 3D print genuine OEM Motorola tools using the Primo Print3D platform. This includes jigs and molds, marking a historic first in the phone repair industry.


Innovation Focus:

Combining Red Wolf’s expertise in 3D printing with Motorola’s forward-thinking approach, this partnership is set to revolutionize the repair industry.

  • Primo Print3D Platform: The industry's first and leading on-demand additive manufacturing system used for 3D printing phone cases and accessories, now utilized for producing high-quality, genuine Motorola repair tools.

  • OEM Repair Tools: Genuine jigs and molds for Motorola devices, ensuring top-tier repairs and reduced turnaround times.

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The App

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Easy As Click and Print


How Print3D Helps Repair Shops

Innovative Technology

First-time ability to 3D print genuine OEM Motorola parts, making tools instantly accessible and faster than ordering.

Sustainable Solutions

Supports the reuse of devices, keeping them out of landfills.

Faster Repairs

By producing parts on-site, repair times are significantly reduced, offering same-day availability.

Cutting-edge Tools

Provides high-quality, precise tools for efficient and reliable repairs.

Cost Efficiency

Reducing costs for repair shops by enabling on-demand production of necessary tools and parts.

More Than Repair

With Print3D, you get more than repair. Access thousands of phone cases, tools, marketing materials, and more.


“Accessing repair tools can be expensive, time-consuming and logistically challenging. 3D printing is a new and exciting approach to solve these problems. Red Wolf Technology has been incredibly supportive adding our repair parts to their 3D printing platform.”

Darwin Garcia

Service Engineering Manager - MBG, Service Readiness & Product Engineering at Motorola Mobility


Want a Primo Print3D Machine for your shop? Click here to purchase!

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