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Red Wolf Technology Announces a New Apple Watch Polishing and Scratch Removal System.

Salt Lake City, Utah: Red Wolf Technology today announces their patent-pending polishing technology, the Primo Polishing System™, can now polish and remove scratches from all Apple Watch models. Primo’s digital polishing process can remove 99% of the most common nicks and scratches in less than 3 minutes.

Unlike smartphones that often see catastrophic damage from falls and drops, smartwatches being worn on the wrist, succumb to far fewer drops and are exposed to much more incidental damage from scratching. The Primo Polishing System by Red Wolf Technology has developed an effective solution for the common and bothersome scratches on smartwatch glass.

“Apple Watch scratch removal is another industry-first from our Primo Polishing system, bringing glass restoration and scratch removal to the mass market,” said CEO and Founder Brad Bacigalupi. “Apple Watch sales have eclipsed iPad and Mac sales and are the fastest growing category in the mobile space. We are thrilled by the enthusiasm and support of our many worldwide partners in the repair and refurbishment industry to capture this massive market opportunity and better serve a loyal Apple Watch community.” Features and benefits of the Apple Watch Primo Polishing System™

  • Remove 99% of the most common nicks and scratches from daily use.

  • Save money by avoiding replacing your screen or upgrading your device.

  • Improve screen visibility by avoiding poor screen protection options.

  • Get more from your device by increasing its resale value.

Supporting hardware and software for the new Apple Watch solution will be made available Sept 23rd, in line with the recent Apple Watch Ultra availability.

Apple watches showing screen scratch repair
Before (left) and after (middle) Apple Watch being polished by the Primo Polish System™. (right) Watch getting ready for polish.

Red Wolf Technology is a world leader in the mobile device repair and refurbishment industry. With the Primo Polishing System™, any mobile device repair shop or refurbishment depot can repair scratched glass like a pro with our patent-pending polishing technology.

Our global network covers over 60 countries and has collectively more than 100 years of experience in the technology industry. We have pioneered dozens of products and solutions that have positively impacted millions and millions of people across the world.

The Red Wolf Technology team has deep experience in everything from phone repair, software development, chemical science, software engineering and hardware design. We've been to every corner of the globe and worked with the world’s biggest and best companies.

We're passionate about building great products that delight and help our customers and building sustainable and environmentally responsible technologies.



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