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Red Wolf Technology Announces The Launch Of The World’s First Smart Scratch Removal System

The new patent-pending technology by the software development and hardware design company allows mobile repair shops to polish and remove the most common scratches from mobile phone device screens

January 5, 2022 - Red Wolf Technology has announced the launch of a new revolutionary smart scratch removal system. Named Primo Polishing System (PPS) by the software development and hardware design company, the new patent-pending technology will allow mobile repair shops to polish and remove the most common scratches from mobile phone device screens.

“After months of research and development and listening closely to the repair and refurbishment market, we are thrilled to launch the revolutionary technology the industry has been asking for.” - Brad Bacigalupi, CEO, and Founder of Red Wolf Technology.

According to Red Wolf Technology, the increasing delays in the global supply chain, rising material and labor costs, as well as the introduction of more complex hardware continue to challenge the repair industry and make it difficult for repair shops to easily and efficiently fix damaged gadgets. Until now, owners of scratched phones had only two choices, pay for an expensive and time-consuming screen replacement or wait many months or years to upgrade the device.

However, the introduction of this new technology not only alleviates the burden of expensive screen replacements but also creates exciting new revenue and service opportunities to repair shops around the world. The Primo Polishing System (PPS) is the world's first smart glass restoration machine capable of removing 99% of the most common nicks and scratches in less than 10 minutes.

The revolutionary technology is the product of the company's over 20 years of experience in the consumer electronics, software, hardware, chemical science and polishing industries, all of which combine to create their proprietary chemistry and precision mechanics to yield the optimal surface restoration.

Although recently launched, the Primo Polishing System (PPS) is already gathering rave reviews from repair shop owners and smartphone users alike who are thrilled with its extraordinary performance and cost-effective solution.

“This is THE product we've been waiting for! It's an exciting new service that my customers love.” -Ricky, Store Owner, United Kingdom.

“I'm on a tight student budget. I couldn't afford a new phone and the used phone I got had a lot of scratches. I was so happy to find out I could get it repaired quickly and much cheaper than a screen replacement.” - Lucy, Student, United States.

For press inquiries or more information on Red Wolf Technology or the Primo Polishing System please contact:

Red Wolf Technology

Chandler McFarland

536 W Billinis Rd, South Salt Lake, UT 84119

+1 (833) 733-9053



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