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Partner Amasses over 4M views on TikTok

As a company that has developed a machine that polishes scratches out of phones and Apple Watches on demand, we always look for ways to showcase our product to a broader audience. And thanks to one of our partners, ReplaceBase, we were able to do just that on TikTok.

Our partner's TikTok videos, which feature our phone and Apple Watch polishing machine, have amassed over 4 million views and counting. "We love the Primo Polishing System and the new opportunities it provides our customers," said Steve Garner, Founder of ReplaceBase. "The reception on TikTok has blown us away, and we plan to continue efforts to draw attention." The videos demonstrate the machine's ability to remove scratches from the devices in minutes, leaving them looking brand new.

What made this video particularly popular is the fact that our partner would go into a store that sells used devices, take a scratched phone or Apple Watch, polish it with our machine, and then sell it back to the store. The store would then grade the device at a higher value than when they initially sold it, thanks to the scratches that had been removed.

We are thrilled to see the success of this TikTok video, as it highlights the power of social media in today's digital age. By showcasing our product in an engaging and entertaining way, our partner was able to reach a wider audience and generate buzz around our machine.

The video has been a hit with TikTok users, who have expressed disbelief and admiration for the machine's capabilities. Some users have even gone on to purchase the machine for themselves.

Overall, we are grateful to our partner, Replace Base, for creating this TikTok video that has helped us showcase our product to millions of people. If you are interested in a Primo Polish Machine, contact us here.

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