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Red Wolf Technology Launches Primo Protect: Revolutionizing Device Care and Protection

Salt Lake City, September 1st, 2023 – Red Wolf Technology, a pioneering force in on-demand solutions, proudly announces the debut of Primo Protect, an innovative and groundbreaking approach to device protection, designed to revolutionize how the world safeguards and enhances the lifespan of its devices. Powered by the Mk 1 Cutting Machine and the Defense line of films.

Primo Protect harnesses the capabilities of the Mk 1, the fastest, simplest and easiest all-in-one screen protector machine available that allows retailers to protect any device. Alongside the Defense line of films, including Ultra, Plus, Flex, Matte, Privacy, and Blue-Light. Defense is the world's leading screen protector that offers strong, crackless, flexible, and glass-like protection with a dry or wet installation for a perfect fit every time.

"Our focus is simple: faster, simpler, better, said Brad Bacigalupi, Founder and CEO of Red Wolf Technology. "Primo Protect embodies this philosophy, delivering innovative solutions that not only elevate user experiences but also contribute to a greener future by reducing eWaste and fostering sustainability."

Primo Protect takes a simple yet comprehensive approach that goes beyond just innovation – it's about taking care of the environment and devices. Embracing the theme of Polish and Protect, Red Wolf Technology encourages a smart way of looking after devices. The Primo Polish machine and the Protect philosophy team up like lightning and thunder, creating a combo that not only removes scratches but also keeps devices going strong with screen protection. Working together to make devices last longer while cutting down on waste.

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About Red Wolf Technology:

Red Wolf Technology, an award-winning company with multiple patents pending, is spearheading a paradigm shift in global product creation and consumption. They're trailblazers in on-demand systems and sustainable manufacturing, actively constructing the world's largest distributed manufacturing network with the ambitious goal of serving a billion customers. Their mastery of engineering, software development, 3D printing, and hardware design empowers them to produce sustainable, nearly waste-free products that pave the way to a greener future for all.

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