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Red Wolf Technology Unveils Primo Print3D at CES in Partnership with European Big Box Retailer Media Markt

Las Vegas, NV, January – Red Wolf Technology, in partnership with European big box retailer Media Markt, is excited to announce the launch of Primo Print3D, a cutting-edge on-demand phone case machine, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Initially tested in several Media Markt stores in the Benelux region since August 2023, this innovative technology is now set for a broader rollout across all Media Markt stores.

Primo Print3D represents a significant step forward in 3D printing, marking the first time finished products from 3D printing are available in a mass-market retail chain. Offering a vast library of designs suitable for thousands of phone models, Primo Print3D ensures a perfect fit for any device, with customizable options for both style and protection needs. Customers can choose their colors and designs, ensuring they never have to compromise on their preferences. Additionally, the technology ensures that a phone case is always in stock for every type of phone, eliminating the wasteful need to destroy overstock and unsold goods.

“Red Wolf Technology's Primo Print3D aligns perfectly with our vision of bringing innovative, customer-focused, and sustainable solutions to the market,” said Mark Bosch, Business Unit Manager Branded Services at Media Markt. “This technology allows us to meet consumer demands efficiently while advancing towards a more sustainable business model.”

Primo Print3D’s on-demand digital manufacturing model offers a personalized experience and significantly reduces waste associated with unsold inventory, transit, and packaging.

"Primo Print3D will revolutionize retail by offering an on-demand solution that gives customers the best phone case in the world and makes a massive positive green impact on the environment," said Brad Bacigalupi, Founder and CEO of Red Wolf Technology. "And opens new exciting possibilities of digital inventory to Media Markt’s customers throughout Europe. Primo means ‘First and Premium’ and we’re proud to be first in creating another industry transforming technology in our exciting suite products"

Red Wolf Technology invites CES attendees to experience Primo Print3D – a showcase of on-demand technology and its impact on modern retail.

About Red Wolf Technology:

We’re on a mission to revolutionize how the world creates and consumes products. As leaders in on-demand systems and sustainable manufacturing, we’re building the largest and greenest distributed manufacturing network in the world. Our innovative technology and expertise in engineering, software development, 3D printing, and hardware design enable us to create sustainable products with close to zero waste.

About Media Markt:

MediaMarkt is a leading European retailer specializing in consumer electronics. Known for its wide range of products and competitive prices, MediaMarkt offers a diverse selection of electronic goods online and in its numerous physical stores. They are committed to meeting the evolving needs of technology consumers and are a significant player in the European electronics market.

Contact Information:

Jesse Cervantes

Marketing Director, Red Wolf Technology

(833) 733-9053

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