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Beta Black 0.4.7 (21) Its a big one!

That's right, it's another big big app update!

This one is full of really exciting new features and improvements (and a lot of little bugs)! We plan a handful of quick updates in the next few days to address each.

Please review the bug notes at the end to know what to expect.

Also, the old black (simple yet stable) app is being pushed live to Google Play. Please contact us if you need help getting either Black or Red apps going.

Mobile App

  • Spot Polish

  • Back polish

  • Request a device

  • Z height calibration

  • Updated homing

  • Updated loading/unloading sequence

  • Device w/large camera prompt

  • Updated prep device

  • Device detail

Admin Tools

  • Search devices

  • Download .csv

  • Improved login

Known Bugs

1.) On android 12, when you plug the machine in, you need to choose the correct device from the popup "which app do you want to use". If you do this while on the connect page, you need to hit "reconnect" again afterwards. We can in a future update improve Bug: At some point we were seeing preview breaking z height. My final test did not have this issue though. If you are unable to set your z-height either skip preview or select back and then next.

2.) Home page can be reached again by going "back", but it does not have a next button, and doesn't show a play button. If you click the "Home" it will re-run the home, and move on when that's complete.

3.) Please excuse some... interesting placeholder graphics [ex. 'bread sniffer'} 4.) When setting the z-height, the spindle is not going into the center of the phone.

Contact us today if you want access to our latest Beta!


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