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Reports Are Here: Release Notes 0.4.9

Reports reports reports. That's the focus of this latest update. Our partners will now be able to get their first look at performance of locations within their network. See below for a full list of updates and features to Primo Cloud and Primo Polishing App.

Primo Cloud

Cloud changes for jobs, and users Brand filter on device list Device admin has brand filter, and has_photo Job table and export fields changed

Organizations (distributors, stores) Companies were converted to organizations

Way for organizations to filter either direct subs, or all subs

Restricted organization admin role

Organization (distributor) codes for signup Updated admin create user functionality

User filter for jobs Mobile Default pass overlap is now updated for optimal performance Job number is displayed App loops to device search when job is completed Rating converted to 0-5 and is optional (skip for dry runs, but ideally rate all real jobs for now) - Suggested scale: 0 for failure to complete, 3 for partially successful polish, 5 for successful removal of all <7-8 scratches. Settings page with link to Primo Polish and contact form


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