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Thinking of buying a new phone? Here’s how to decide if you need an upgrade

This holiday season, millions of people around the world are thinking about the kinds of gifts they would like to give or get. In fact, a smartphone is the most popular gift as over 40% of parents admit they’re getting their teen a mobile device this year.

If you are on the fence about getting a new device for yourself or someone else, here is a quick list to help you decide if the time is right.

1. Does your phone run slower than usual?

If your device feels slow then you might want to consider changing its battery. Apple stores will let you replace them for less than $100. Replacing your phone’s battery will lengthen the phone's life and speed it up. Additionally, there are aftermarket battery cases and power banks which can be an attractive alternative to a full battery replacement. It is recommended that you replace them every two to three years of usage. There are plenty of tools and resources you can find to help you determine the health of your device's battery.

2. Running out of storage space?

One way to fix this is to delete some of the apps that you no longer use. For iPhones, Apple is offering a storage tool, where it shows the list of apps that use up most of the storage space. Android phones also have the same feature with Google offering a similar tool. Also there are many third party apps and services which can analyse your data and make recommendations like; deleting duplicate photos, screen captures, long videos or other items that are using your precious storage space.

3. Your phone no longer receives software updates?

When your phone no longer receives the latest version of software updates, that’s the time you’ll need a phone upgrade. However, in some countries like Turkey, where the taxes on electronics can go up to 100%, this seems impractical. Phone manufacturers release software updates that include even more tight security measures. In a world where data is more important than gold, one must keep its information secured. It’s important to stay on top of all the security updates to ensure your data is well protected. There’s some ways on how to keep your information well protected by installing some anti-malware apps.

4. Does your phone have cosmetic damages?

Who doesn’t want a new phone with new features and a more sleek design, right? A phone with scratches doesn’t look too pleasing in the eyes anymore. Red Wolf Technology, the creator of the world’s first smart desktop scratch removal system offers the Primo Polishing System (™). This will allow you to ensure that your old phone will look good as new by removing the most common nicks and scratches.

Happy shopping this holiday season!

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